Battlefield Ministries December 2013 Sermons!

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              Battlefield Ministries  "December 2013" Sermons

                   Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


 Date Sermon Added 12-2-2013

  • No time to second guess!

     Date Sermon Added 12-8-2013

  • Jaws, The return!

     Date Sermon Added 12-8-2013

  • It's my season!

     Date Sermon Added 12-11-2013

  • Restoraton is a beautiful thing!

     Date Sermon Added 12-15-2013

  • Simeon's bucket list!

     Date Sermon Added 12-15-2013

  • Liberty must first begin with you!

     Date Sermon Added 12-22-2013

  • When Heaven seems silent!

     Date Sermon Added 12-29-2013

  • Tangible Manifestations!